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The Gospel of Luke

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About Here's Jesus

What’s Here’s Jesus! About?

Jesus walked among real people: they crowded to him at a real lake, pushed forward when he was in real houses, and eagerly listened in the temple courtyard. Yet strangely, today Jesus’ story is usually divorced from all that. It’s usually told in sermons from pulpits behind massive doors that are isolated from the crowds of people. Pastors’ sermons are preached to people who sit listening quietly in rows. 

That wasn’t what it was like when Jesus walked among us! The idea of Here’s Jesus! is to re-insert his story into public places where people push and crowd, and to do it across the whole world. We can better understand that Jesus isn’t theoretical or “ghostlike;” He’s real and He’s here.

The Making of Here's Jesus

About the creation of these video segments

Here's Jesus is meant to be both an introduction to Jesus (Heeeeeeere’s Jesus!) and an affirmation that Jesus is here, in each of the locations where we filmed. It took us over 6 years to film these 82 segments of the book of Luke, in 45 different countries where we filmed with only $0 budgeted!

Our Story

How Here’s Jesus! was born

...I began attempting to tell the Bible stories in public with good feedback. At a major pastor’s event in 2012, I told the story of Jesus in 50 minutes, with no notes, essentially just hitting the key parts of Luke’s Gospel. The rapt attention of those pastors, who certainly knew the stories as well as anyone, alerted me to the human preference for stories told, rather than sermons read.

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